Rules and Regulation



    Appearance and cleanliness.
1.    Students must be in clean, neat proper school uniform as prescribed in the admission letter, while in school, when going home and during official school functions. It must be worn properly. Wrong uniforms will be confiscated.
2.    Student should sport neat and correct hair style Boys hair must be short and well combed. Girl’s hair can be short, and if long, should be pushed back and tied with a black hair band.
3.    No student is allowed to have earrings, fashionable belts or other related objects. Painting of lips, nails, eye lashes and use of strong perfumes is prohibited. Manual punishment/ suspension will befall those who break this rule.
4.    Student should change into proper Games kit while going for Games and P.E.
5.    All students MUST maintain proper personal hygiene, and keep the school clean. Duties allocated should be done diligently and on time.
6.    All students must be punctual for classes, which commence at 7.00 a.m from Monday to Saturday.
7.    The mode communication should be in English from Monday to Thursday and Kiswahili on Friday and Saturday. This includes during out of school functions.
8.    Friendship between girls and boys should be purely on academic. Pregnancy and abortion are prohibited. Breaking this rule can lead to suspension/ expulsion.
9.    No student is allowed to bring edibles like chewing gum, sweets, food, fruits etc to the school. Any student found will be made to buy the same for all the students.
10.    Courtesy and respect for all school authority, fellow students, parents, visitors and support staff is mandatory. Any arrogance can call for suspension /Expulsion.
11.    Students must enter and leave the school compound through the gate. Any student who passes through the fence will be suspended and made to buy one bundle of barbed wire.
12.    All students MUST be available for tests, examinations and learning any day of the week when scheduled. Students who constantly perform poorly because of laziness and absenteeism will not be promoted.
13.    Fighting, incitement, abusive language and bullying are serious offences. Culprits will be suspended or ejected.
14.    Stealing is illegal and leads to arrest or Expulsion. School property must be handled with care. Any damage or loss must be repaid. Each student is responsible for safeguarding his/her own property.
15.    Mobile phones/sim cards are NOT ALLOWED in the school. If found they will be destroyed.
16.    Mikeu secondary school is A DRUG FREE ZONE. Taking any form of abused drugs e.g. bhang, cigarette, alcohol etc will lead to arrest and expulsion.

Declaration by student and parent/ Guardian


GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATIONMikeu Secondary School is located along Lanet- Dundori road about 22 kms from Nakuru town. It is situated within Dundori …

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